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We would like to introduce ourselves as leading manufactures of FRP/GRP Doors in name Fimen. Fimen fiber product is promoted by professionally qualified engineers with a vision of Manufacturing specialized Fiber Doors (Composite Doors) & Frames as an alternative for wooden doors & also foreseeing SCARCITY OF WOOD & TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT.

Composites are wonder materials with a combination of highly superior mechanical, chemical, therma electrical properties. The Doors made of GRP/Composite offer special advantages compared to t manufactured from traditional monolithic materials such as a wood, metals etc. some of the unique feature are listed bellow.

  • LIGHT WEIGHT: GRP Doors provide more strength per unit weight then wood or most of the metals. This property offers easy handling and transportation.
  • MOISTURE RESISTANT: Polymer Skins being impervious and water proof, protects the Door from any water and moisture ingress. Hence these Doors have good dimensional Stability and doesn’t or contract like conventional wooden doors.
  • FIRE RETARDANT: The GRP faces sheets used in Doors can be made fire Retardant Self extinguishing type.
  • MAINTENANCE FREE: Due to excellent weatherability and chemical resistance these Doors maintenance free. Hence no recurring cost.
  • TERMITE RESISTANCE: GRP Sheets offering no food to termite enhances the life of the Door making it more durable.
  • FUNCTIONAL SUPERIORITY: High strength combine with properties of impact resistance, Corrosion resistance along with above mentioned features makes GRP Doors Highly superior to many other materials.
  • DESIGN FLEXIBILITY: Complex designed Doors involving compound curvatures can be easy corporated and fabricated in short time at least cost. No special tool-workmanship required. No hassle of carpentry-Entire Doors is ready to fit.